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Flawesome U

Flawesome Ebook

Flawesome Ebook

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The question is asked, “Dewayne. Why do you invest in youth the way you do. Why did you choose the career path of a youth motivational speaker?”

Simple. When I was growing up, I wish had someone share with me the things I share with them. If I did, my life would have been better in my late teens and early 20s.

After my presentations, students want to ask me so many questions about life. Though I do my best to answer all their questions, I can’t because of time restraints.

My book is a way to answer many of their questions. The same questions I had growing up.


Flawesome is a combination of two words, “Flaws & Awesome.” In this book, I teach people how to become Awesome despite their Flaws.

Journey with me through this book to find out how I became Flawesome.

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